SnailDOS v2 Live Event

Hello, world.

It’s the SnailDOS team back again, we have some large updates to announce.

V2 was our large update that was supposed to have been released 2 months ago, but it has been move to the future, currently we have it planned for this weekend. SnailDOS team has been working day after day for this update to be released smoothly and as brief as possible.

Official Changelog

  • Fifo Browser

Fifo has been rewritten from the ground up. With 80% extension support, new browsing experience, Chrome 100, New Settings, New Privacy features, Updated themes, Bug fixes, Weather support and a new Time UI, Fifo feels like an all new browser.

  • SnailFM, StreamBop

SnailFM and StreamBop have been updated with quality of life features.

  • SnailDOS Desktop / Mobile

The desktop app will be public for anyone to use including the mobile app, whilst this may take a couple of days after we release the event.

  • Creatable Hosting

Creatable has tons of bug fixes, with a new referral system, support to buy multiple servers, SnailCoin currency remake (100 SnailCoin = 1$)

  • Support System

Support system will have a new dark mode.

  • Message Backup

Message Backup has a new invite command, support command, Hindi, Chinese and Dutch support with better error logging.

  • SnailAPI / SnailPortal Account

SnailAPI has better ratelimits and better error logging. SnailPortal has an entire new rebranded UI feel, with modern curves and graphic designs.


All of this will be releasing on the live event, this weekend, only on SnailDOS.

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