Why is our services free?

SnailDOS believes that all services should be free for everyone to use, we invest money into infrastructure and a development team and rely on our community for donations, and premium ranks. SnailDOS is more then just “one” thing, however, it is many things. SnailDOS has tons of new features getting released all the time, all […]


Hello, Welcome back too another blogpost from SnailDOS! Just recently, we lost access to snaildos.tk, We do not have any access to that domain. Do NOT add any personal information in there. We now own snaildos.com and al services have migrated too it. We have encrypted all traffic and everything has been moved across. More […]

Planned Updates

Hello, Welcome too the SnailDOS blog, In this blog, I will be addressing the current planned updates. As of currently, the team has decided that we have locked in these brand new plans! (As of currently, I am going through IRL stress, so- Sorry if these updates are delayed, I am trying…) SnailDOS.API (New SSO!) […]

The biggest update upon all time!

Message Backup Bot, has failed too get past verification, due policies that SnailDOS didn’t follow. Too resolve this, the team is REWRITING THE BOT!Here is some sneak peaks of what is coming soon: p2p encryption. faster loading cached config always online technology Better backup managment Faster restoring Progressbars Shards Attachment support EXPORT SUPPORT! and more […]

SnailDOS Update! (New status, New service and more!)

Hello hello hello! Tonight, I will be going through the updates that occurred during the past month! I’m going to do this in a list format, so enjoy! New Status Page We added a full new status system, available at https://status.snaildos.tk SnailCraft (A modded experience) SnailCraft is a all new MineCraft modpack, if you want […]

SnailDOS Status Update and Site Revamp

Hello everyone, I am going to be addressing the changes of SnailDOS. Woah; This year… went fast! 2021 is coming soon, you know what that means? Message Backup! :O Anyway, Here is what changed: • Website has a 404 page 😮 • Website text revamp (every single text in the SnailDOS site has been changed) […]

The Future Of SnailDOS

Hello all, near and far. I will be writing this block post for the purpose of the future! So; first things first. There is MANY infrastructure changes that are getting planned. What has been changed in this update? I now own the Dream Machine Pro. We have a more secure and faster network after talking […]

SnailDOS blog released.

Well; you made it! Welcome to the blog site. All updates from minecraft servers, to site updates and more! Every time there is a change on our site, it SHOULD be labeled right here! Awesome!Have a good day / night. Stay safe! Regards,SnailDOS team